Position Name Bio
Lord High Executioner (President) Phoenix Solti Phoenix is very confused. And hungry for power. A very good combination for president. As a fresher, Phoenix only knows 1 g&s play. In other words, she is more than qualified for the job.
Public Exploder (Secretary) Emma Hunt  
Grand Inquisitor (Treasurer) Lois Heslop Lois is new to The Cult but never one to shirk the shady duties of blazing in the lustre of unaccustomed private donations. She likes maths and money and music and making her Inquisitorial nature known.
Professor of Abstract Sciences (IT) Joe Pollacco Returning from his 2020-22 stint as the Professor of Abstract Science, Joe was shocked and appalled to learn that the role included more than sending grumpy IT tickets, and proceeded immediately to a role with more lucrative advantages.
Boatswain's Mate (Social) Jack Edis  
Assistant Tormentor (Librarian) Hannah Capstick In Hilary ’23, Hannah will be reaching the end of her first year with the society. To mark the occasion, her friends and family have released a statement begging for her safe return.
Company Promoter (Publicity Officer) Elenor Vockins


Constitutional Guardian (Welfare and Regulations Officer*) Peregrine Neger After playing half a fairy in Iolanthe, Peregrine has come to like the idea of dividing himself into halves, which is why he is taking care of both welfare and regulations. This position involves regularly shouting 'Basingstoke' at society members, including himself, hoping that this will improve anything.

When contacting society committee members, please remember to cc the main society email so we can retain a record of your correspondence. However, please do not address emails solely to this address as it is not regularly monitored.

The society is bound by our constitution, which you can find here (updated 12/10/2023).

Members of the society are bound by our code of conduct (updated 12/10/2023). Our complaints procedure (updated 12/10/2023) handles due process if you wish to complain against a fellow member. A more extensive explanation of how the society handles many day to day and extraordinary situations can be found in our by-laws (updated 12/10/2023).

As a student-run society, we welcome any amount of donations from individuals or organisations. Your sponsorship will go towards promoting music and drama activities at University at Oxford by helping us rent and buy things like venues, costumes and scores. Sponsors can choose to be acknowledged on our website, term card, newsletter and marketing materials. For further details please contact the current treasurer.